Efficient thermoelectric chips for refrigeration and heat pumps

  ・Advanced thin-film devices with highest-ZT performance

  ・Novel topology provides 30 - 100% increase in COP

  ・Qmax: 1mW-1kW, ∆Tmax : 100-120°C

  ・MicroCENTUMs with couple density > 1000 per cm2 

  ・Fault-tolerant (FIT) designs  for ultrahigh reliability 

  ・Sealed against moisture condensation

  ・Ceramic, silicon, aluminum, flex substrate options

  ・Drop-in replacements for 40mm x 40mm 12V/6A TECs

  ・Data sheets available on request 

  ・32-Couple Si-based MicroCENTUM photos below:

Integrity Portable Coolers

Ultra lightweight, iceless, cordless portable insulated coolers and warmers. Approved for ground and air travel. Specifications available on request.